Planting the Seeds

The transition into the professional world may be a daunting one – but it doesn’t have to be. At ThomasGaitens PC, it is our responsibility to open the door and show you the way.

As a young professional, you deserve an opportunity and an employer willing to invest in you. That is the key to growth.

At ThomasGaitens PC, we owe our employees more than a paycheck. It is our responsibility to mentor. In turn, we expect more than time from our employees. We expect commitment to excellence, enthusiasm, and a desire to learn and grow.

Growing Your Life

Life is a balancing act. We expect a lot from each employee, but we won’t allow work to throw your life or ours out of balance. Throughout our more than 30 year history, no employee has worked more than 150 overtime hours in any year. That equates to a busy tax season and a normal schedule during the other nine months of the year.

We respect your time and your other interests. In fact, we believe a well rounded life is essential to a long and productive career.

We recognize there is more to life than accounting – a lot more.

Blossoming Your Career

The business landscape is constantly changing. Therefore, the array of knowledge you obtain during your career should follow suit. We want to help you develop into a well rounded business person, and not just a processing technician.

If you want to work on projects and assignments that will be intellectually stimulating, if you want exposure to solving problems outside of your comfort zone, if you want to participate in an open knowledge sharing and team environment, and if you want the encouragement to follow your career dreams, then call us. We’d love to talk.

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