Tax Services

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  • Tax Exempt Organizations
  • Private Foundations
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  • Limited Liability Companies
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Tax returns are more about planning than preparation.

An accountant with two years of experience and basic knowledge of tax preparation software can prepare your return.

What is more important is planning for next year, a plan to minimize your liability.

Our emphasis for both businesses and individuals is PLANNING.

A review of the past and a forecast of the future. Looking ahead to seize opportunities and eliminate surprises.

Should you accelerate income, defer a deduction, replace equipment this year or next?

What are your estimated payments and withholding requirements?

Should you convert your traditional IRA to a Roth?

The CPA/client relationship is a partnership. Our role is to advise, but it is also to educate you, our client. The more you know and understand about tax regulations and planning, the more successful our partnership will be.