Our Company

Mission Statement

Our commitment to each client is exceptional, professional service, unsurpassed in technical quality, with personal attention to each client’s needs.

Our clients, like ourselves, lead busy, complicated lives. The accounting, tax and financial services we provide address an important administrative/financial responsibility in their business and/or personal lives, one which is complicated, one which is easily put-off, one which requires the advice, guidance and assistance of a trusted professional.

We, therefore, are committed to earning and keeping each client’s trust by providing technical service at the highest quality; providing such service timely; communicating our advice clearly; and, providing administrative assistance when needed. In doing so, we will be accessible and prompt in our response to all clients’ questions and requests.

Our commitment to our employees is to provide a genial work atmosphere, a learning environment, and growth opportunities.

We owe our employees more than fair compensation. With each employee hired, we accept a mentoring responsibility.

We expect from each employee enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence. At the same time, we respect their personal and family needs and commitments and we encourage a healthy balance between career, family and other interest.

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