Income Tax Returns

Income Tax Returns (Planning and Preparation for Federal and State Income Taxation)

There’s a lot of good software in the market place today; we rely on software ourselves in our professional practice. The problem is, the software doesn’t think for you; it only does what you ask it to do. More importantly, it doesn’t develop a strategy for next year; it doesn’t do a very good job planning for you.

Many individuals find peace of mind having a professional prepare their individual income tax return. We are professionals, Certified Public Accountants, and we have decades of experience providing tax planning advice and preparing income tax returns.

Some of our clients have very complicated income tax returns, some do not. The advantages of having a professional prepare your tax return may be tax savings, improved accuracy, or just peace of mind.

We provide a third or fourth quarter tax planning service and tax liability estimate for every one of our individual tax clients. We can do the same for you.